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Twelve Quarters aims to provide preservation, conservation & education to preserve our cultural heritage. This involves the partnership of trusted colleagues, who form a brokerage, where skills & knowledge are shared across a wide range of specialisms.



We want to share our skill & knowledge with you so that you or your organisation can safeguard & appreciate your collections for years to come.

We are happy to answer any queries be it from individuals, heritage & museum organisation or other conservators. Twelve Quarters provides free conservation advice to members of the Museum Development Scheme. Where we cannot assist you, we are sure we can help you contact someone who can.



Twelve Quarters has a wide-range of clients which include: Private Individuals; Museums; Art Galleries; Libraries & Archives in the UK & overseas. We also have experience of working with & alongside Stately Homes, Historic Houses, Churches, Auction Houses, Dealers & Private companies.



We aim to promote & preserve cultural heritage for the future, monitoring worldwide preservation & conservation standards ensures that all of our practices are up to date & ethically sound.


As full members of: Institute of Conservation (ICON), International Council of Museums - Collections Care (ICOM-CC), Archives & Records Association (ARA), & Museums Association (MA), we always follow European Confederation of Conservator-Restorers (ECCO) guidelines.

As such:

  • We actively oppose the illicit trade in cultural heritage, & will report any activity that we deem criminal.
  • We do not offer valuations on objects.
  • We maintain a strict code of confidentiality & adhere to data protection guidelines.
  • We follow H&S guidelines at all times to maintain best practice at our site or yours.
  • We have a proven record in meeting the highest standards demanded by our profession, & are committed to ongoing learning & development to keep fully up to date with the latest developments & techniques.
  • Our activities both on & off site are fully insured by Zurich International.

Our Specialisms


"Consists of indirect action to retard deterioration & prevent damage" (ICON)

We conduct: Housekeeping & Collection Surveys; Condition Surveys; Management Planning; Future Proofing; Disaster planning; Training & Interpretation.


Involves the "direct action, stabilising condition & retarding further deterioration". (ICON)

Our team can conserve a wide variety of objects:

  • Works Of Art on paper: Contemporary Prints. Watercolours. Oils. Drawings (crayon; charcoal; pastel; inks).
  • Ephemera: Postage stamp. Posters. Maps & Plans, Newspapers.
  • Archives: (Printed & Handwritten Documents. Iron-Gall ink). Tracing Paper. Wallpaper Panels.
  • Parchment & Vellum: Substrate, Pigments & Gilding.
  • Photographic: Positives & Negatives.
  • Books: Binding Text blocks, Covers & Boards, Leather, Vellum, Fabric.
  • Far Eastern: Works on Pith, Rice & Xuan paper, Manuscripts, Scrolls, Screens, Books.
  • 3D Objects: Parasols (paper), Quillwork (paper), Screens (paper), Fans (paper).
  • Frames: Wooden & Gilded.
  • Metals: Trophies & Medals.
  • Taxidermy: Feather & Fur

For more information see our "Conservation Services" page.

Where necessary we will also restore objects but only when the aim is to facilitate it's perception, appreciation & understanding, while respecting as far as possible its aesthetic, historic & physical properties". (ICON).

Project Scales

We have a proven track record in handling large-scale projects & are more than happy to work on single items or collections on-site.