We Are Available

Both On & Off Site


We know that traveling can be difficult for you, & an issue maybe site specific. So, if you need on-site assistance we'll be there.

We are skilled in project management & our team are accomplished in the assessment, preservation & stabilisation of large-scale on-site collections. Our team will accurately prioritise work required & provide proposals for further development whilst maintaining on site productivity.


Whilst on site we can conduct

  • Housekeeping surveys: Ensuring that standard of environment management, integrated pest management, object handling, documentation, storage. display & materials are the best they can be and giving written recommendations.
  • Forward Planning: Taking of sample surveys to collate data on the conditions of your collections. More in depth collections & prioritisation reports to help you future proof your collections & apply for funding. Individual object condition reports already held in collections or about to be acquired.
  • Assistance drafting disaster/ emergency plans & training in triage response.
  • Staff training. (see training & workshop)


You are very welcome to join us at our studio. Whether it's to see what we do, or to use our Hot desk facilities to enable you to complete your hands-on projects. Just let us know when you are going to come as we may be out & about, or have materials in the studio that are private or sensitive. Our studios are clean, fully equipped, secure, & fully insured.


Studio services 

  • Book cradles, framing & mounting, prestige box making.
  • Documentation & analysis of delicate objects.
  • Cleaning, repair & stablisation of objects, within our conservation specialisms.
  • Staff training.