Preservation Services

Analysis - Housekeeping - Planning - Reports - Response

Analysis Of Materials

We can provide a analysis of display & storage material conducting. Methods include Oddy testing, UV fluorescence, Microscopy & SEM

SEM analysis.


Housekeeping - Safe & Efficient Management

Provision of advice on environmental conditions, good housekeeping & handling. Materials & suppliers. This usually will involve a days visit to your stores & display areas, a report with recommendation will be generated within 5 working days.


Forward Planning - Futureproof

We can conduct collections audits & full surveys to assess the health of your collections. From this data we are able to produce forward plans & prioritisation reports.


Condition Reports

Analysis can be conducted on existing collection objects or potential acquisitions. A specialist conservator with be assigned to assess the objects current condition & will provide recommendations for storage, transport & display. Information of longevity & any ethical, intangible considerations will also be addressed. A report will be generated within 2 working days.


Disaster Response Planning & Application

We are skilled in the provision of disaster response planning & are experienced in working with salvage teams. We can provide immediate remedial treatment, & supply emergency equipment & materials immediately.


Quality Supports

Box making: We can produce individual quality housing

Book cradles: Bespoke book cradles intimately support books whilst on display or being used in reference. We can hand make display cradles from acrylic or covered boards. Hand made cushions are also available. All materials used in construction are safe & will not off gas.

Framing & Mounting: We work in conjunction with Maws Gallery who are Fine Art Trade Guild commended (see:, we can assure you that the most suitable materials & layouts will be used to enhance & protect your flat art, ephemera & posters et al. ensuring a quality finish with the added knowledge that your objects are getting the very best treatment. We never use pressure sensitive adhesive tape, all our techniques are fully reversible without any damage or residues being left being.