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Accreditation to Integrated Pest Management

We continuously monitor & assess our workshops & training to provide you with an effective, implementable, trusted & enjoyable way to confidently develop your organisation.



Accreditation & Conservation: What activities do you require to meet accreditation standards? When do you need to call a conservator? Where does conservation fit in with users experiences?

Integrated Pest Management (IPM). Equip yourself with the knowledge to immediately introduce efficient IPM into your organisation.

Storage & Transportation: Control your museum environment. Know what materials & transport requirements your objects need. Implement solid policies for storage, loan & transport activities.

Exhibitions & Display: Avoid creating harmful : micro-climates, environments & off-gassing. Develop engaging open & handling displays whilst maintaining safe, ethical standards.



Labelling & Marking: Learn to reversibly & safely apply accession numbers to all your objects.

Displaying Objects: Understand conservation framing & mounting standards. Create book mounts & stands for your objects.

Handling & Packing: Crazy shapes? Friable media? Heavy loads? handle it all.. safely. Pack a variety of objects. Make padded hangers, packing puffs, & Plastazote surrounds.

Hands-on archives: Surface clean paper & parchment. Construct housing for wax seals & paper.

Codexing: Learn protect a book's physical history whilst removing harmful particulates. Produce tailor-made protective wrappers & boxes.

Photographs & negatives: A hands-on session working explore the difference between photographic processes. You will also learn how to safely surface clean these objects.


Work Experience

Want to gain some valuable experience with our friendly team. Why not contact us & we'll see if we can help. Risk assessments are available for all activities.